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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are payable in U.S. currency and are due on the published due date for each semester. Tuition is expected to increase about 8% per year.

  • Total Program Duration: Three Semesters
  • Total Program Tuition: $19,500 (Beginning January 2024)
  • Tuition/Semester: $6,500
  • Technology Fee/Semester: $500
  • One-Time Graduation Fee: $160
  • There are NO HIDDEN fees for this program.
Forms of Payment for DHA program
  • Financial Aid - Students are responsible for any balances not covered by their aid.
  • Veteran GI Bill - Students are responsible for any balance not covered by their GI Bill.
  • Lump Sum payment at the begining of each phase through the Cohort Tuition Payment Link.
  • Monthly payments automatically drafted from the bank account or credit/debit card that you provide in Cohort Tuition Payment Link.

For any declined payment, students are responsible for making an alternate payment within 24 hours of the declined notification. Any student failing to make their monthly payment on the 1st of each month will lose their access to Moodle and will have to pay a $750 reinstatement fee.

Consequences of Late Payment

Self-pay students

Student accounts must be paid in full by the payment due dates established in the financial contract to be eligible to continue classes into next month. Online transcripts, diplomas, and other statements of record will be withheld, and students will be ineligible to enroll until the obligations have been fulfilled. If the payment is not made by the 1st of the month when it is due, the student's access to the Moodle learning platform will be removed. In such instances, the student will be responsible for $750 Moodle reinstatement fee for every incident of delayed payment. Virginia University of Lynchburg reserve the right to demand lump-sump tuition payment for the semester in case of a delayed monthly installment.

Financial aid students

Grants, scholarships, and loans are reflected on your student account and deducted from any university allowable charges provided all financial aid requirements are met. If your student account has an amount due, it is important for you to pay by the payment due date.

If you have an amount due and your financial aid is not yet reflected on your student account, you must pay your account balance by the payment due date or enroll in a payment plan to make the scheduled installments.

Any late payment penalties assessed are the responsibility of the student and will not be paid by financial aid.

The most common reasons why financial aid information is not found on the student account are:

  • Student did not yet apply for financial aid
  • Student only recently applied for financial aid
  • Student did not complete financial aid requirements
  • Student only recently submitted requested documentation

Tuition and Fees Refund Policy

Students are required to pay all, or a portion, of their tuition and fees for any registered course unless enrollment is officially cancelled prior to the start of university classes. If a student does cancel prior to the start of university classes, 100% of tuition and fees will be refunded. Withdrawal or cancellation occurs on the calendar day that the withdrawal is requested online or in person at the Office of the Registrar. The university provides a pro-rated refund for students withdrawing within the first four weeks of classes during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Please see the table below for information regarding refunds.

Full-Semester Courses
Timing Refund Percentage
Before Classes Begin 100%
Withdraw During 1st Week 90%
Withdraw During 2nd Week 50%
Withdraw During 3rd Week 40%
Withdraw During 4th Week 25%
Withdraw After 4th Week 0%

All refunds are less any amounts owed to the university.

Exceptions to the tuition and fees policy as stated above will be considered for extenuating circumstances. Students should fill out and submit an Extenuating Circumstances Tuition and Fees Refund Request and provide documentation of the extenuating circumstance with the completed form to the Office of the Registrar. The Tuition Refund Review Committee will review the application and determine whether or not any additional refund will be made.