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Summer Fast Track 2020
Virginia University of Lynchburg
VUL Track Team
VUL Track Team

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Welcome to Virginia University of Lynchburg


                                                                                                                                  Jose Lemus

Hello! My name is Jose Jaime Lemus and I was born in Mexico. I come from a family that always placed education second because of the struggle my parents had to endure to make ends meet. After being the first person to graduate high school in my family, I realized that my parents’ sacrifice to give me a better life in the States began with education. With the blessing that God had given me to attend VUL, my first stepping stone was the completion of my associate’s degree. Now I am beginning my bachelor’s in sociology and hope to change one mind at a time as a third grade teacher.

Virginia University of Lynchburg is the Home of the Dragons. We student athletes are all about our education, and we like to reflect that in our character. At VUL we have a great staff and faculty, from the administration to the maintenance department. Everybody at VUL feels connected because we all have share a common goal and that is to be the best Dragon we can be!




                                                                                                                                  Kalvin Roan


Hello. My name is Kalvin Roan and I am from Miami, Florida. Growing up in Miami, Florida, is really hard. If you see eighteen there, you are blessed. Some kids in Miami don’t even live to see 18. I have always had a passion for football. I started playing Little League when I was eight. I was one of those kids who many elders counted out, saying that I was never going to do “this” or “that.” They told me that if I kept on the path I was going, that I would either be dead or in jail by the age of 17.

This fall I start my third year at Virginia University of Lynchburg, and I will be studying business. When I first started at VUL this school gave me a “second chance” to do what I like to do best – play football. July 5th of 2015 is when I made my final decision to play sports at VUL.

 I feel that God had a big part in my decision which has been a turning point in my life. I am the second Black male in my family to attend college. Because I grew up without a father, there were lots of challenges along the way. It was tough at times knowing that I had to learn a man’s job on my own without a Black male showing me how it goes. That really made me think hard. It continues to push me along my journey to go further and show others how strong I am without a father figure in my life.

VUL has really changed me and made me look at things differently. Coming in as a freshman and not knowing anybody was hard, but there were lots of people along the way that made the transition smoother for me, and all I had to do was speak. The staff and faculty treated me as if I was one of theirs. They made me feel comfortable and got me settled and on my way.